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Svetlana Shellshear


Svetlana Shellshear is a London based designer.

She has had a varied and fascinating creative path: for more than 10 years she worked as a textile designer, later as a handbag designer and in the last 5 years she was producing objects for interiors in leather, mirror and glass.

In her career she collaborated with textile studios in London and New York, with boutiques in the UK and Russia, and lately with interior designers and private clients in the UK and abroad. Svetlana established great relationships with the manufactures in Italy, a country which is a major source of her inspiration.

Over the years Svetlana developed broad interests in arts, textiles, fashion print, photography, furniture and interior design.

…Svetlana have always been fascinated with ancient frescoes and mosaics, antique and ethnic tapestries and wall hangings, also with modern art and contemporary wall  finishes which turn the surface of a wall from the ordinary into extraordinary.

This fascination combined with her recent discovery of wonders of advanced digital wallpaper print led her to turn her attention to the surface of the wall.

Now Svetlana uses materials she loves and various skills and techniques she acquired over the years to create original wallpaper designs aimed at high end residential and commercial interiors.

With her wallpaper designs she is able to convey her own vision  for contemporary wall surfaces and her own idea of beauty.


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