Exotic Nature Collection… Serenity Or Seduction?

The Exotic Nature Wallpaper Collection brings romantic breezes from the south seas into interiors with it’s variety of designs depicting surfaces made of  Wood, Sea Shell and Mother Of Pearl.

Production of The Collection involved high resolution photography of surfaces made of real natural materials.

These materials, evocative of white sands, turquoise waters and golden sunsets are represented in their genuine imperfect beauty with their variations in colour, texture and pattern.

The Exotic Nature Wallpaper designs which feature panels of natural materials, structured in a perfect grid, create wall surfaces with a feel of  calm and understated luxury.

Mood Boards

Wallpaper in neutral tones create the feel of calm and serenity; in black or gold it stirs an atmosphere of mystery and seduction:

Serenity Mood Board

Tranquility Mood Board

Seduction Mood Board


Exotic Nature Wallpaper is most effective in creating accent walls in residential and commercial interiors.

The designs from The Collection can be mixed and matched in various ways:

-in one project; residential, hotel, restaurant or bar to create varied moods in different spaces

-in one interior

-in one wall

with a sense of harmony and continuity retained throughout.

The Collection offers unlimited possibilities in creating unique bespoke Feature Walls and Murals for commercial interiors using Digital Tiling Service.


Residential Interiors


Bars And Restaurants




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