1. Rose Tree Mural: The Story.

 Sleep, Relax Or Entertain in the shade of a blossoming English Rose Tree…

Romance of The English Rose Wallpaper Collection is based on a large scale Rose Tree Motif/Mural.

The Collection includes 5 design variations of  The Mural reproduced in a Luxury Vinyl Wallcovering in a variety of colour options.

The Rose Tree Motif  was created as a result of designer Svetlana Shellshear’s long term fascination with frescoes, murals and hand painted wallpapers and her recent discovery: the incredible possibilities of digital wallpaper print which has blown her away.

Inspired by traditional hand painted Chinoiserie wallpapers with their familiar images of cherry and plum trees, Svetlana decided to create a fresh contemporary large scale motif of a tree, specifically designed to be reproduced using the most current advanced digital printing techniques.

Svetlana found inspiration in South- West London, which is in some way a truly wondorous place place filled with roses of all types and colours which bloom for most of the year.

(This area is also full of camelias, magnolias and rhododendrons, wisterias and lilacs, various exotic flowers, bushes and plants…  there are also palm trees and pampas grasses… and flocks of green parokeets flying above!)

The Motif of The Rose Tree was inspired not just by an abstract rose bush but by a real magnificent climbing rose, in fact a rose tree enveloping a charming villa (with an equally charming lady-owner) near Bushy Park in the proximity of  Royal Hampton Court.

Rose Tree In Winter

Rose Tree In Winter


Rose Tree In June


A Rose From The Rose Tree

The rose tree in summer’s full bloom, with it’s cascades of white roses is a truly breathtaking sight full of romance and wonder.

Svetlana produced a stylised version of the rose tree with the distinctive asymmetrical shape and sweeping dynamic motion of it’s branches striving to the sun.

Rose Tree/ Serene

Rose Tree Mural,  original version ‘Serene’

Her real-size large scale original artwork of the rose tree  is approximately 3 metres wide and 2.4 metres high, made in mixed media on a series of board panels; every single element of the Rose Tree is individually hand painted and no repeats are used.

This artwork formed the basis for the Rose Tree Mural and The Collection.

Svetlana’s Rose Tree Mural may well be the first known project of this kind where the original artwork was created by hand with real paint (in a traditional way) with the specific aim to be reproduced digitally on the most contemporary luxury Vinyl Wall Coverings  associated with the contemporary life style of 21st century living.

Svetlana’s design, which  reflects the uniqueness of this particular London rose tree may become even more special for the Rose Tree wallpaper owners, creating a sense of personal connection with London and England.


…Whenever you are in the world, a true English Rose Tree may blossom on the wall of your house at any time of the year…


The Rose Tree Mural is available in 5 versions: Serene, Dreamy, Mysterious, Pop-Art and Surreal.

These versions, each one with a distinctive look, are made to resonate with people’s various tastes and personalities; each version can also be modified so a client can have a completely unique Rose Tree Mural version.

Welcome to The Romance Of English Rose Collection


Design and Original Art Work: Svetlana Shellshear

Copyright Notice: All images on this website belong to Svetlana Shellshear, subject to Copyright Law, 2013,  All Rights Reserved


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