Feature Walls : ‘Mix And Match’

‘Mix And Match’ Feature Walls.

‘Mix And Match’ Feature Walls for residential and commercial interiors are created by combining wallpaper panels of various designs from Exotic Nature Wallpaper Collection in one wall.

From two to six designs can be mixed and matched in one interior or in one wall to achieve desired visual effect.

Feature Wall/ Mix And Match

Feature Wall 1, incorporating White, Blue and Gold Wood designs

Length: 3 metre, Height: 3 metre

This Feature Wall consists of 6 vertical Wallpaper Panels, 50 cm wide and 3 metres heigh each

Feature Wall

Feature Wall 2, incorporating  Bronze Wood, Black Wood and Gold Wood Designs

Length: 3.5 metre  Height: 2.50 metre

This Feature Wall consists of 7 vertical Wallpaper Panels, 50 cm wide and 2.5 metres heigh each

To order Feature Walls 1 or 2

or to commission a unique Feature Wall for a specific interior contact designer Svetlana Shellshear

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