9. Bespoke applications for commercial interiors.

Romance Of The English Rose Collection has great potential in adapting it’s designs to a specific setting, residential or commercial;  totally unique versions of the Rose Tree Murals will be created  to order to give a specific interior a unique distinctive look.

The Rose Tree Collection offers great possibilities for applications in commercial interiors for creating feature walls in restaurants, bars hotels and spas.

These are few of the options available for customising the standard Collection:

1. The Rose Tree Mural can be enlarged in scale/size up to 1.5 times without losing quality of print.

2. Any background colour of choice can be used in bespoke versions of Rose Tree Murals. Pantone colour reference or a sample of colour on fabric/paper is required to produce a bespoke background version of the design.


Mysterious Rose TreeMural Bespoke In Interior.


Mysterious Rose TreeMural Bespoke In Interior. Fragment.

Mysterious Rose Tree Mural On Dark Blue Background

Mysterious Rose Tree Mural on bespoke Dark Blue background. Fragment.

3. Several Rose Tree Murals or Panels in different versions/colour backgrounds can be combined in one project or in one interior to achieve a great visual impact.


Pop Art Rose Panels In Pink and Blue background colours combined on one wall

in commercial interior.

4. The mural can be used as a number of separated panels which can be combined with fragments of plain walls.

5. Panels in different versions can be combined in one interior.



With enquiries about creating bespoke Rose Tree Murals and further information

contact Svetlana Shellshear.


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