The Amalfi Wallpaper Collection: many looks of Amalfi.

‘The Amalfi Wallpaper Collection was inspired by amazing beauty of Amalfi coast with it’s blue skies, abundant lemons, hand painted ceramics and bright sunshine.

But as every person has different feeling and different moods, Amalfi has different looks, which reflect it’s different states:

-Amalfi can be all white, or light and dreamy with just a touch of turquoise

-it can be bright blue or blazing-hot-orange

-it can be mysterious blue or pitch dark black

Whatever is your nature I hope you will find a design which resonates with you.


Svetlana Shellshear’

…Just a taster of designs in The Amalfi Collection:

White Tiles On White Background


PlatesDay On Light Blue Background
Lemons Hot

Black Lemons Panels





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