White Wood Wallpaper

White Wood Wallpaper depicts a surface made of panels of white coloured discs of real Wood

It shows high resolution photographic images of White Wood on white background


White Wood Wallpaper. Main design element

Width: 50 cm, straight repeat: 50 cm

White Wood Wallpaper Fragment In Inetrior

 White Wood Wallpaper In Interior. Fragment shown 50 cm by 50 cm

White Wood Wallpaper is sold by metre.

Narrow Wallpaper: Width 50 cm

Super wide Wallpaper: Width 100 cm (double the width of narrow wallpaper)

Narrow White Wood Wallpaper Panel Fragment. Width 50 cm, Length shown 1.0 metre

White Wood Wallpaper In Interior

Size of the wall shown: 2 metre by 2 metre

Wallpaper Panels can be used on their own to create accents in interior

White Wood Panel

White Wood Wallpaper Panel In Interior

Size of the Wallpaper Panel: 1 metre wide and 3 metre long

Size of wall shown: 3 metre by 3 metre

With all enquiries and to Order White Wood Wallpaper contact Svetlana Shellshear.

Copyright 2013 Svetlana Shellshear, All Rights Reserved.

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