Blue Wood Wallpaper

Blue Wood Wallpaper depicts a surface made of panels of blue coloured discs of real Wood

It shows high resolution photographic images of Blue Wood on warm grey background

Blue Wood Wallpaper Design element. Width: 50 cm, straight repeat: 50 cm

Blue Wood Wallpaper. Fragment In Interior.

 Blue Wood Wallpaper In Interior. Fragment shown: 50 cm by 50 cm

 Blue Wood Wallpaper is available in Panels and Rolls

Narrow Panels and Rolls:

Size Of Wallpaper Panel: Width: 50 cm, Length: As required

Size Of Wallpaper Roll : Width: 50 cm, Length: 10 metres

Blue Wood Wallpaper  Panel/Roll fragment. Width: 50 cm, Length shown: 1.0 metre

Super Wide Panels and Rolls:

Panels Size: Width: 100 cm wide (double the Width of Narrow Wallpaper Panel), Length: As required

Wallpaper Size: Width: 100 cm wide (double the Width of Narrow Wallpaper Roll), Length: 10 Metres

Blue Wood Wallpaper In Interior

Blue Wood Wallpaper In Interior

Size of the wall shown: 1.5 metre by 1.5 metre

Blue Wood Panel

Blue Wood Wallpaper Panel In Interior

Size of the Wallpaper Panel: 1 metre wide and 3 metre long

Size of wall shown: 3 metre by 3 metre

To Order Blue Wood Wallpaper contact designer Svetlana Shellshear.

Copyright 2013 Svetlana Shellshear, All Rights Reserved.

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